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SafePal S1
The most valued product for crypto beginners
4.85 | 242 Reviews
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SafePal Cypher
Protect your seed from water, fire or corrosion
5 | 12 Reviews
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SafePal Cypher
SafePal Leather Case
Protect your S1 and Cypher from scratches and bumps
4.95 | 56 Reviews
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SafePal App
Store, Buy, Manage, Swap, and Trade
10,000+ cryptocurrencies in ONE App
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We Are Serving Individuals Across The Continents.

Notably, SafePal allows for buying and swapping within the SafePal App, hooks into CEX like Binance, and provides powerful dAPP support for DeFi with Uniswap and Compound. Perfect for DeFi traders.


We're so impressed by the product design of SafePal that has made crypto management simpler and safer for everyone.

--Stephen Tse
Harmony Founder

Your keys are safe on the device, because there is no bluetooth, no WiFi, and no NFC. There is no connection really happening.

Crypto Expert

You are good to go with a SafePal S1 Hardware Wallet anywhere at anytime.

——Crypto Fiend
Crypto Expert

Stay safe with SafePal

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